Artificial Perception Group 


Research Groups | Mobility patterns and impact studies

CAR-GPA: Centre for Automation and Robotics

Angela Ribeiro Seijas 

Research lines

  • System-environment perception: Fusion of sensory and context information.
  • Artificial vision systems.
  • Robots with perception-based control.
  • Real-time discrimination of natural structures.
  • Vision-guided autonomous robot navigation.
  • Knowledge and information representation structures.
  • Knowledge induction methods.
  • Planning and decision-making mechanisms.
  • Distributed process architectures: coordination and interaction of agents and generation of behaviour. Multi-robot systems.

Main skillness

The Artificial Perception Group (GPA) specializes in the integration-fusion of information from different types of sensors and in the automatic and intelligent processing of this information in order to make decisions, providing solutions to complex problems of a very varied nature.

The group’s research considers technology transfer. An environmentally friendly approach always underlies its proposals. It is a multidisciplinary group, at the forefront in the design and development of perception-decision-making-action systems, which focuses its research mainly on outdoor mobile robotics and on solutions based on multi-robot systems, integrated by autonomous and cognitive robots