CSIC Interdisciplinary Thematic Platform


CSIC Interdisciplinary Thematic Platforms / Plataformas Temáticas Interdisciplinares (PTIs) are an instrument to join efforts to address global challenges, by involving CSIC research groups from all disciplines, firms, public and private institutions.

The goal of the PTI Mobility 2030 is to address the global challenge of sustainable and healthy urban mobility, finding solutions to reduce emissions and improve the quality of air and life in the cities of the next decade.

The PTI Mobility 2030 focuses on

Intermodal urban mobility

Mobility solutions considering propensity and incentives for the adoption of environmentally sustainable transport means; air quality meausres; access to infrastructure and new types of use (car sharing, personal mobility solutions, self-driving vehicles, connectedness, etc).

Sustainable energy supply

Research based solutions to address the different needs of actors facing the energy transition for the whole range of  mobility solutions in terms of vehicle size and mileage, including BEV, FCEV and biofuels.    

Air quality and health

Mobile urban exposure to air pollutants for different modes of transport, development of integrated and exposure assessments.

Video presentation The PTI Mobility 2030