Mobility 2030 networking activities, diffusion and demonstration events.

PTI Mobility 2030 presented in Zaragoza

28 February 2020

Presentation to firms, public and private institutions in Zaragoza at the ICB on 28 February 2020 jointly organised between the PTI and the CSIC Delegation in Aragon, where more than 60 participants attended a one-day event to present all the research carried out at the PTI and explore collaboration with firms and system agents.

Presentation at COP25 in Madrid

13 December 2019

Presentation at COP25 in Madrid, where contacts with system agents, authorities, firms and media were established at the CSIC stand during the duration of the event by the PTI coordinator and the PTI researchers who came visit, a debate moderated by Catalina Martínez, the PTI coordinator, with the participation of Jorge Villagrá, head of the Autopia program on behalf of the PTI Mobility 2030, and speakers from other PTIs from CSIC was held (see here Interview with him).