Mobility data to study containment effectiveness on Covid19 dispersion

This project is part of the PTI Global Health of CSIC initiated in March 2020 to join efforts against the pandemic. Two groups of the PTI Mobility2030 (IFISC e IEGD) participate in the project and José Ramasco (IFISC) is one of the principal investigators.

The objective of the project is to better understand the effects of mobility restriction measures and social distancing on the spread of the disease. It will be carried out using computer techniques and artificial intelligence for the massive analysis of data (of human mobility patterns and forms of contact), in order to study the real effectiveness of social distancing measures and find the best strategies for their relaxation, analysing scenarios of exit from the crisis.

Funded by CSIC:CSICCOV19-039 (PTI Global Health)

Principal Investigators: José Ramasco (IFISC) and Frederic Bartumeus (CEAB).


This project is carried out in the context of the PTI Global Health of CSIC. Results will be essential to improve the social distancing strategies taken in future outbreaks of this or other diseases. To carry out the research, a multidisciplinary team with experts in computing, demography, physics and movement studies, is analysing massive, high-resolution data that are now being obtained from map servers and telephone operators, data that explain how mobility and social contacts have changed since confinement began.