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ICP: Institute of Catalysis and Petrochemistry

Miguel A. Peña

Research lines

  • Catalysts for hydrogen production from hydrocarbons and biomass:

 Reforming of natural gas, logistic fuels and bioalcohols

  • Hydrogen production from solar energy:

 Photocatalytic and thermochemical water splitting

  • Hydrogen production by electrolysis:

 Platinum-free electrocatalysts for alkaline and acid electrolyzers

  • Low temperature Fuel Cells:

 Cathode electrocatalysts without critical raw materials

  • Power-to-gas, Power-to-liquids:

 Methanation of CO2 (renewable natural gas)

 Synthetic fuels from biogas and biomas

Main skillness

Development of new catalysts for hydrogen and fuel cells systems

Scale-up of the catalysts in collaboration with Spanish companies