Nanomagnetism and Magnetization Processes


Research Groups | Batteries and materials

ICMM: Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid.

Manuel Vázquez

Research lines

  • Design and characterisation of magnetic materials for sensors, actuators and industrial applications.
  • Soft amorphous magnetic materials
  • Nanowires and nanoparticles (nanoscale magnetism)
  • Simulations of magnetic nanostructured materials
  • Mmagnetic force imaging.

Projects and contracts

  • Nanomagnetism for societal challenges (P2018/NMT-4321) Engineering magnetic nanowires for green technologies (MAT2016-76824-C3-1-R)
  • Development of a new technology for the application in Wireless battery charging in the range of 20-150 kHz (RTC-2016-4820-4)
  • Development of antennas using pke technology (PREMO);
  • Study on the protection of electrical bundles to fast EM transients (EADS France).