CO2 & H2

The focus of the CO2&H2 project is the development of catalysts and supports for CO2 neutral chemical energy storage processes based on liquid organic hydrogen carriers.

Funding Agency: 2018 RETOS Spanish National R&D Plan (RTI2018-093871-B-I00)

Principal Investigator: Asunción Fernández (ICMS)

The depletion of fossil fuels (in short and long term) and the global warming derived from greenhouse effect are consequences of the extensive use of these fuels. It is therefore highly desirable to use and develop renewable energies and so eliminate our dependence on fossil fuels. This makes the storage of energy produced by renewable sources (which are intermittent) an important target. In previous projects we have been working in the study of nanomaterials and catalysts for the storage of hydrogen as a vector of energy transport and storage (H2 cycle). In this new project the research group proposes to move into the implementation of the liquid organic hydrogen carriers (LOHC) as a promising way of combining the C02 and de H2 cycles leading to a sustainable energy storage in a carbon neutral cycle.