Group Fuel Cells


Research Groups | Hydrogen technologies

LIFTEC: Laboratory of research in Fluid Dynamics andCombustion Technologies

Luis Valiño

Research lines

  • Hydrogen station prototype
  • EV charging
  • Integration of renewables
  • Hydrogen vehicule
  • Fuel Cells manufacturing and integration in drones
  • Fuel cell  for combined heat  and power (CHP) plants 
  • for energy supply in buildings.
  • Modeling and numerical simulations of fuel cells, systems…
  • TRL 7 and up
  • Polutant formation and dispersion
  • in real geography with meteorology (O3, NOx, SOx…)

Recent projects

  • European projects: LIFE-REWIND (renewables and hydrogen in rural environments, hydrogen station)
  • National projects: DOVELAR (drones and automatic vehicles with fuel cells), MICAPEM (heat and power units with fuell cells)
  • Regional projects: Modular fuell cells
  • PEM battery/flow battery test bench experiments