Conversion and Storage of Renewable and Fossil Energy


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ITQ: Instituto de Tecnología Química

Antonio Chica Lara

José M. Serra

Research lines

Catalytic materials for hydrogen production from renewable and nonrenewable sources.

  • Reforming natural gas, gasoline, diesel, bioalcohols, glycerin, furfural, etc.
  • Gasification: biomass.
  • Pyrolysis: biomass, waste plastic, etc.

Catalytic materials for synthetic fuels production.

  • Synthetic natural gas from biogas.
  • Hydrocarbons from CO2.
  • Biodiesel from waste oils and animal fats.

High temperature fuel cell.

  • Ceramic membranes (ionic membranes).

Redox flow batteries for renewable energy storage.

  • Development of new components: electrodes, membranes and electrolytes.

Zeolite materials for gas separation.

Relevant milestones

  • Patented catalyst for hydrogen production from alcoholic wastes. WO2019048726.
  • Patented electrode for vanadium redox flow battery.  ES2646938 (B1).
  •  Direct conversion of methane to aromatics in a catalytic co-ionic membrane reactor.

Science 2016.

  • Hydrogen separation through tailored dual phase membranes with nominal composition. BaCe0.8Eu0.2O3-δ:Ce0.8Y0.2O2-δ at intermediate temperatures.

Nature 2016.

  • Spin-off. Kerionics