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INMA: Aragon Materials Science Institute

Miguel A. Laguna

Alodia Orera

Research lines

  • Components for SOFCs

Development of novel electrolytes and electrodes

  • Microtubular cell / portable stacks fabrication

Designing a 40W portable SOFC system

  • Synthetic fuels production from SOFC cells

High temperature electrolysis (SOEC) & power-to-gas

  •  Synthetic fuels production from SOFC cells

Electrolytes for All-Solid-State Lithium batteries (ASSLB)

3D laser machining of SOFC and ASSLB components

  • Novel designs to increase cell performance through optimized inerphases

In-situ neutron imaging in Lead Batteries

Optimization of electrodes in Lead Batteries

Main skillness

  • New materials for SOFC/SOEC/ASSLB
  • Scaling-up of microtubular cells
  • Development of novel SOFC/ ASSLB architectured designs
  • Development of advanced characterization techniques based on Neutron and spectroscopic techniques