Cross disciplinary physics and complex systems


Research Groups | Mobility patterns and impact studies

IFISC: Instituto de Física Interdisciplinar y Sistemas Complejos

José Javier Ramasco

Research topics

  • Urban mobility (city hotspots, agent-based modeling, big data analysis, informed policy making)
  • City indicators (health, pollution and wealth estimated from ICT data)
  • Tourism and leisure (mobility patterns, return, location attractiveness, standard tourism indicators)
  • Air transport (delay propagation, risk and network stability)
  • Land use in cities and socio-demographic characteristics (immigrant integration and mobility)

Recent projects

  • EU projects: EUNOIA, INSIGHT, TREE, BigData4ATM
  • Contracts: ESPON Housing (EU Commission) & Consell de Mallorca
  • CNRS-CSIC joint project on house prices in cities MOREHOUSE
  • Collaboration with companies: Google, BBVA, Logitravel, Isdefe, Cuebiq, Nommon, Kydo Dynamics, etc.