Demographic Dynamics


Research Groups | Mobility patterns and impact studies

IEGD: Institute of Economics, Geography and Demography.

Diego Ramiro

Research topics

  • Urban population, environment, health and mortality (heat waves, sanitation, living conditions)
  • Ageing,epigenetics, morbidity and delayed effects in health inequalities, other (migration, family dynamics and fertility)
  • Use of historical longitudinal data (registers), GIS and Big Data (social networks, statistics) in demographic and health research

Proyectos recientes

  • EU projects: ECHO (ERC Advanced), LONGPOP (MSCA – ITN), SEU-FER (MSCA – IF), TEMPER and FamiliesAndSocieties (FP7)
  • National projects: LONG-HEALTH, Demographic Challenges (Thematic Network) and Survival and Health long the cycle of life and general differences in aging
  • Web Portal for Health and Population in Spain (with ESRI Spain)
  • Madrid spatial data infrastructure (HISDI-MAD)
  • Contract with BBVA Foundation for the Demography Today Lecture Series
  • Collaboration with national and international stakeholders: Institute of Statistics and Cartography of Andalusia (IECA), INE, Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, Universities (Bocconi, Geneva, Edinburgh, Lund, etc.), IUSSP…