Nanostructured materials and microstructure


Research Groups | Hydrogen technologies

NanoMatMicro Group

ICMS: Sevilla Materials Science Institute

Asunción Fernández

Research lines

  • Hydrogen storage for portable applications.

Light weight metal hydrides as hydrogen carriers:
(i) Reversible solid-gas reactions.
(ii) Borohydride solutions as Liquid Hydrogen Carriers.
Liquid organic hydrogen carriers: The formic acid cycle.
Heterogenous catalytic processes in the liquid and the gas phase

  • Catalytic combustion of hydrogen for safety and portable heating.

Development of supported  catalysts: Catalytic  coatings, supported nano-particles, catalytic foams. Microstructural characterizacion.

Main skillness and technology

Reactors design and kinetic improvement for hydrogen release and hydrogen catalytic combustion.
Advanced TEM analysis.
Plasma assisted deposition techniques.